Gaelic Storm

First coming to notice as the band performing for doomed passengers in the film Titanic, Santa Monica's Gaelic Storm plays Celtic music that rises above the typical New Age/public radio banalities commonly associated with the genre. Touring in support of their sixth release, Bring Yer Wellies (wellies being slang for rubber boots), this multinational quintet are a satisfying middle ground between the intellectual sterility of the Chieftains and the punky swagger of Flogging Molly. Singer Partick Murphy (the lone band member actually from Ireland) embraces Celtic stereotypes (drinking and fighting to excess) and invests songs like "Never Drink 'Em Dry," "Bare in the Basin" and "Kiss Me I'm Irish" with an irreverent glee that shines in a live setting. Featuring the blistering fretwork of Steve Twigger and fine fiddling of Samantha Hunt, Gaelic Storm has the unique capability of appealing to technical nerds, folk purists and drunkards alike, making all raise a pint in memory of the old land they never knew.


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