Gaslamp Killer, Daedalus

Adept at both production and turntablism, Gaslamp Killer—known for many years as the Motherfucking Gaslamp Killer (he's since dropped the Oedipal reference)—is as new-school as it gets. The Killer's hip-hop stylings are all over the place: You might hear him drop Led Zeppelin next to some underground rhymes, and he's also a fan of searing guitar lines, syncopated beats and dirty, distorted bass.

His self-produced tracks are delightfully soul-filled, psychedelic romps through breakbeats, dubstep and whatever else has been inspiring him lately. To watch him, with his wild hair and mustache, rock out behind the tables—dropping bombs, asking questions and generally having fun—is an experience in itself.

Add in the fact that he's currently on the road with fellow international DJ star Daedalus and it's a no-brainer: This is a must-see show.


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