Gentleman Auction House, Cocky Americans

In the last year or so, something shifted within St. Louis' Gentleman Auction House. The change was so subtle that only those who had followed the septet since its June 2005 inception probably even noticed. Gentleman Auction House found its groove.

And Alphabet Graveyard, the band's latest release, does an admirable job of showing Gentleman Auction House circa 2008, featuring several songs that stand out because of their subtlety. The Bright Eyes-like "Good Behavior" relies on stately piano and frontman Eric Enger's conspiratorial, intimate vocals ("Come to bed, you perfect stranger/Make bad decisions with me") for impact, while the romantic "24th" is equally lovely, with its feathery harmonies and ethereal soundscapes. Both songs feel like more mature, inviting versions of gorgeous pop—a true testament to Gentleman Auction House's musical growth.

As such, Dallas' young and raw, but promising, Cocky Americans should only benefit from sharing this bill.


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