Ghost Mice, The Dauntless Elite, Off Shore Radio, Can Kickers, Denton County Revelators

They call themselves "a jug band without the jugs," which might sound like "a Hooters without the hooters," but what the Denton County Revelators lack in the container department they more than make up for in others. This is a real back-porch band, maybe not of the toothless yokel variety, but of the kind that has all the right roots music influences and actually listens to them. This is a group as comfortable in the piney woods as a Lyme-bearin' tick, as banjo-pickin', as Earl Scruggs-worshipin', as Ernest Tubb a-lovin', like-a-pig squealin', as a Tennessee moonshiner. They play a lot in Fort Worth, but hail from that little d up north, which couldn't be more fitting—after all, what's Denton County for, if not revelatin'?

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