Ghostland Observatory

Formed in Austin in 2004, Ghostland Observatory has evolved its sound from the raw, noisy electro-funk of its earlier releases into something more danceable. Equal parts electro, psychedelia and glam-rock, the group's songs pivot on Aaron Behrens' signature vocals, which resemble Freddie Mercury's voice fused with Cedric Bixler-Zavala's, and the sultry electronic treatments of Thomas Turner, which recall the soundtrack work of Giorgio Moroder.

With a spectacular live show that matches its music, Ghostland plays each gig like an arena-rock act, with a dazzling light show, KISS-like stage raps, histrionic antics and larger-than-life stage personas. With Ghostland Observatory, which releases all of its own records, including new album, Codename: Rondo, through its Trashy Moped imprint, it's all about giving fans a one-of-a-kind experience they'll remember.

This New Year's Eve show should be especially memorable: The band will be joined by a host of DJs for an open-air performance on the roof of downtown's Plaza of the Americas.


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