On hiatus for the past couple of years, local wild man Lyle Steadham has decided to resurrect Ghoultown, his metal/psychobilly labor of love. Bury Them Deep, the ironically titled recent effort, features new drummer Rob Schumacher (Slick 57, Riverboat Gamblers) but doesn't divert significantly from the Misfits/Cramps shockabilly that the band perfected throughout the '90s. Raw, slightly campy and undeniably powerful, Ghoultown's molten mix of Western themes and dour metal attitude continues unabated on such hummable and lovable concoctions as "Requiem at Sundown," "Blood on My Hands" and "Tekilla." Produced by Chris Telkes (Nocturne) and mastered by Sara Luca (Marilyn Manson), Bury Them Deep does nothing to tarnish the seedy reputation of a local act that revels in living on the darker side of town. Also on the bill are The Von Ehrics, 100 Damn Guns and Big Guns, so be prepared for one of the ugliest Saturday nights Deep Ellum can provide.


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