Gig Alert: Jonny Craig Tonight at The Prophet Bar

Gig Alert: Jonny Craig Tonight at The Prophet Bar

Those looking for something other than the NPR approved alt-country of Neko Case can make their way to Deep Ellum this evening and catch a pretty cool bill of alternative rock.

Headlining the evening is Jonny Craig, a Canadian who's become something of a renaissance man of the Emo genre. Formerly the frontman from Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa, Craig has also served a brief stint with A Skylit Drive and is currently working with Cinematic Sunrise vocalist Craig Owens on a new EP under the moniker Isles & Glaciers. Whew! You got all that?

In any case, Craig has quite a set of pipes and he's not afraid to demonstrate his pent-up angst. His recently released solo album, A Dream is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer, shows off Craig's range as well as his diverse influences. Songs like "Children of Divorce" and "7 AM, 2 Bottles and The Wrong Road" feature an almost neo-soul feel, although the lyrical content definitely sways towards the Emo ditch.

Tides of Man and Sleeping with Sirens are also on this crowded bill of emotionalism. Be sure to bring along a lot of hankies as these three acts don't shy away from baring their souls.

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