Gig Alert: Les Cousins Tonight at The Absinthe Lounge

Gig Alert: Les Cousins Tonight at The Absinthe Lounge

Anyone remember Mazzy Star? Or, before that, Opal?

The late '80s and early '90s seemed like a good time for purveyors of dreamy, psychedelic pop. One could do much worse than checking into Opal's 1985 Northern Line EP--hell, the Old 97's covered the title song on an early b-side.

Dallas' own Les Cousins wisely draws inspiration from that same well. Led by the husband/wife duo of Betsy and William Carter, the quintet has been around for years, but doesn't perform often enough. Such is a pity, since songs such as "Samsara" and "Lullaby for Zaijah" offer Betsy's beautiful pipes along with tempos perfectly suited for hallucinations.

Les Cousins' 2007 effort Les Coeurs Ouverts was a thing of beauty, so let's hope the Carter family is working on a new effort and more bookings will come post haste.

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