Gig Alert: Our Lady Peace Tonight at House of Blues

Gig Alert: Our Lady Peace Tonight at House of Blues

For over fifteen years, the Canadian quartet known as Our Lady Peace has been parlaying its version of slightly grunge-influenced rock while racking up CD sales of well over 5 million.

Over that time, the band has gone through the predictable bouts with major labels, even losing founding member Mike Turner in the rigmarole that followed the release of 2002's Gravity, an album often labeled as a "sell-out" by fans.

Our Lady Peace's most recent effort, Burn Burn, is considered a return to form as it features a more aggressive sound that harkens back to the band's 1994 debut Naveed.

In any case, it's always good to see a band freed from major label constraints, so it's a safe bet to believe that vocalist Raine Maida will be at his unencumbered and overly earnest best this evening.

Electric Touch, a youthful foursome from Austin, opens up what should be a nice way to spend a Monday night in Big D.

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