Gig Alert: Rock This Town Music Festival Starts Tonight

Gig Alert: Rock This Town Music Festival Starts Tonight

As we mentioned last week, the virtual grab-bag of fun that is the Rock This Town Music Festival starts tonight at La Grange in Deep Ellum. Aside from their amazing snow cones, tonight's "Kickoff Party" will feature a movie screening of the '80s rock-doc Everest Rocks, hosted by its director, James Chippendale. After that, our very own Playlister P will be on the 1's and 2's (by 1's and 2's I mean his laptop).

Tonight is just the start of the five-night festival, though. Other nights will include a "Rock n Roll Raffle," a pool party at the Belmont Hotel, a Guitar Hero competition, and Saturday's "Main Event," which sees Fastball headlining at La Grange.

And, to top it off, all of the festival's proceeds go to benefit The Love Hope Strength Foundation and Children's Medical Center, so it's basically a good time for a good cause.

Tickets are $10 per night, except for Saturday's concert, which costs $25 and $50 for VIP tickets.

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