Gig Alert: Sarah Jaffe At House Of Dang Tonight

Gig Alert: Sarah Jaffe At House Of Dang Tonight

I didn't find out about this show in time to get it in the listings last week, but, hey, that's what Gig Alerts are for, right? Sarah Jaffe will perform at 8 p.m. tonight at boutique shop House of Dang (which was a Best of Dallas winner in 2007 for Best Prezzies--"prezzies" being what the kids called presents back then).

The show will be $22 cheaper than the last Jaffe show for which a Gig Alert was issued--as in, the House Of Dang show tonight will be free. As was her performance at Hal Samples' SPACE Studio in Deep Ellum a couple weeks ago. Jaffe, recall, put on a lights-out (and lights-back-on) performance in Episode 7 of DC9 In SPACE last week. By the way, this week's episode and information about tonight's will be up shortly.

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