Gig Reminder: Macon Greyson, Ha Ha Tonka, Dana Falconberry at Green Elephant Tonight

In last week's paper, I spoke at length with Macon Greyson about the band's new record because, well, it's good, and free , and worth your grabbing. But I also did so, in part at least, to preview the band's show at the Green Elephant tonight with Springfield, Missouri's Ha Ha Tonka and Austin chanteuse Dana Falconberry .

Ha Ha Tonka, you've probably noticed, has been near inescapable of late, no doubt a tribute to the act's phenomenal release from earlier this year, Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South . It's a fine blend of southern rock and folk--and, surely, helped out substantially by the fact that frontman Brian Roberts sounds a heckuva lot like Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill. Knock that similarity if you want--plenty have; the slam on Ha Ha Tonka is that the band's sound is a little too inspired by Kings of Leon--but, fact is, that wavering, heavily-accented vocal style makes for a compelling listen. And tracks like the above "Hold My Feet To The Fire" show that the band has some legit songwriting ability to boot. Plus, Rhett Miller approves , so there's that.

Anyway, between Macon Greyson, Ha Ha Tonka and Falconberry, this makes for a nice little southern rock- and folk-influenced bill tonight. And, in case you can't make it, a near identical one pops up in Denton tomorrow, with Falconberry out and Oso Closo in, making for a more eclectic bill.

Oh, and speaking of Oso Closo... well, we'll get to that later.

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