Giveaway: A Whole Damn Luxury Suite For You And 11 Friends To See Lil Wayne at the Allen Event Center on Thursday

He is not the same. He is a Martian.
He is not the same. He is a Martian.
We, just like you, were caught off guard when we learned that Lil Wayne was booked to play the Allen Event Center on this Thursday night. But, alas, it's happening, folks--despite, even, his recent legal issues downstate (which come on top of earlier ones, too, duh). So it should be an interesting night, to say the least.

And then there's this: The folks at the Allen Event Center have offered us a whole damn luxury suite to give away for this show--that's 12 seats, folks, and private ones at that. Since this is kind of a special hook up, we're gonna run this giveaway a little differently. No multiple winners this time--just one lucky reader who's gonna get hooked up with the whole suite and given the opportunity to truly enjoy this night with a group of friends. Could be you, too. How? Easy: Shoot me an email between now and 5 o'clock this afternoon with the words "The Best Rapper Alive" in the subject line. Then, shortly after 5, we'll pick a winner at random and contact the winner.

Good luck. You'll actually need it this time.

Update: Contest is over. Many congrats to our winner, who beat out literally hundreds of other desperate would-be showgoers.

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