Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets to Monday Night's Granada Theater Show with Neon Indian, Fizzy Dino Pop and Ishi

Quite the all-out dance-party bill at the Granada Theater on this upcoming Monday night, featuring the oh-so-hip (and all-around DC9-approved) bill of Neon Indian, Fizzy Dino Pop and Ishi, three acts we've been drooling over pretty hard for the past six months or so.

No need to hype these acts up any further is there? No? OK, cool. On that note, then, let's dive right into the reason behind this post: The kind folks at the Granada Theater have passed along five pairs of tickets for us to dole out to some lucky DC9 readers. Want one of these free pairs? Alright: Shoot me an email right now with the words "Fishi Indian" in the subject line. First five people to do so get to check out this show for free. Good luck!

Update: That was fast. Congrats to our winners!

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