Dan Bejar
Dan Bejar

Giveaway: Five Pairs of Tickets To Tomorrow Night's Destroyer Show at the Granada

Despite his efforts in other, broader outfits like The New Pornographers and Swan Lake, Dan Bejar's Destroyer project comes in a decidedly more toned-down flavor.

Under Destroyer, the name of the game is bare, Dylan-inspired folk-pop. And, as the longest-running of his works, it also may be the most affecting. At tomorrow night's Granada Theater show, expect a largely intimate affair, and an emotive one too.

Which makes the addition of local opener Sarah Jaffe all the more appropriate a complement to this bill. Still riding high of the release of her phenomenal 2008 EP debut, Even Born Again, Jaffe is currently working on her next release, this one a full-length.

Indeed, tomorow night's show should be quite the treat--which is why we're quite thankful that the folks at the Granada Theater have offered up five paris of tickets to tomorrow night's show for us to hand out to DC9 readers. Want in? Go for it: Shoot me an email right now with "Destroy Me, Please" in the subject line and, if you're among the first five to do so, you and a friend will see this show for free. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!


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