Giveaway: Two Pairs of Tickets For Gutterth's Episode XXIX At Dan's Friday

"Are 99% of challenging bitches today like sarah jaffe and doug burr techno pointless?" That question, posed by Offensive Glistening in comments to a Pete Freedman blog post about an anonymous comment to a Paste article that named Denton "Best Music Scene," has no clear answer. But you can check out one of those challenging bitches when Burr (pictured at right in a Brian Harkin photo) performs at Dan's Silverleaf Friday night, along with Shiny Around The Edges and Dust Congress--both also mentioned in the Paste article. Even better, you have a chance to do so for free, thanks to Gutterth Productions, which is offering two pairs of tickets to DC-9 readers.

First two to email me with the subject "understand your scrap metal" (also inspired by the commentary of Offensive Glistening) are on the list, plus-one. Go! --Jesse Hughey

Update: The tickets have been claimed. Congrats to the winners.


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