Gomez, JJ Grey & MOFRO

Long after its debut album won the Mercury Prize, and its cover of The Beatles' "Getting Better" was featured in a Philips commercial, Gomez is (thankfully) still around. You might not hear about them as much in the press as compared to say, Kings of Leon, but there is something to be said for a band that is still bringing the goods all these years later.  

Promoting its sixth proper album, A New Tide, the band will no doubt draw a good crowd to this House of Blues show. Sure, the fanfare for its last few albums has been quieter than its first two albums, but the band has always had a loyal live following of fans who appreciate the way in which Gomez's music walks the line between folky and experimental, without ever getting to the point where it's too jammy or self-serving.

JJ Grey & Mofro, a special blend of bluesy stomp and Southern-fried rock, will open.


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