Countri time: Dallas rapper Countri Boi just signed to TVT.
Countri time: Dallas rapper Countri Boi just signed to TVT.

Good Ol' Bois

Boi Howdy: Rapper Countri Boi, who was born in Dallas, then moved at the age of 2 weeks to California, then back to Dallas after his folks got worried about his gang lifestyle during his teenage years, has signed to independent label TVT Records. OK, let's try to figure out what the strangest thing in that news might be: First, TVT is also the home of Dallas' Polyphonic Spree, whose gospel-inflected, choral hippie sprawl might just be the furthest thing from hip-hop there is. Second, does Countri know that "boi" is the preferred term used by many biological women who identify as male or intersexed? Just a thought.

Anihoots, what really matters is Countri Boi is set to hit it semi-big with a new album due in late 2007. "I want to give respect to those who put Texas on the map and thank those who supported me," the rapper said in a press statement. "Being on TVT Records puts me in line to rep my hometown to the fullest."

Calendar adjustments: In a development that will provide a refreshing respite from this jacked-up cashing in on '80s nostalgia, the House of Blues show starring Psychedelic Furs, ABC and the Fixx (really? the Fixx?), slated for Saturday, July 21, has been canceled. Which sucks, actually, since the Furs were actually a pretty good band. Unlike, uh, the Fixx...Todd Snider's previously canceled show with Amanda Shires at Sons of Hermann Hall has been rescheduled for Friday, July 20.

Represent: DFW bands get a chance to show their stuff in the so-called music capital at the Debbie Does Austin Show at the Parish, July 21, on 6th Street (frat boys, get ready to throw up some buttery nipples!). Our homeboys and girls Black Tie Dynasty, Shanghai 5, Golden Falcons and the Tah Dahs perform, plus of course visuals provided by our favorite fella, Hal Samples.

British Invasion: The Hourly Radio just returned from a couple gigs in London with Shiny Toy Guns.

Yee-Haw: Only in America could a 6-foot-5-inch rapping cowboy get paid to travel the country in search of the "hickest chick around." It's true, "Yawlternative" country star Cowboy Troy is on the prowl for Miss Hick Chick USA, and his search includes grading contestants in pie eating, dancing and watermelon seed spitting. No Dallas stop on the tour, but Miss Hick Chick will be crowned in Pflugerville on July 25, and we think that's worth a road trip. Don't forget some buttery nipples, y'all!


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