Good Records Announces Official Eighth Birthday Party Lineup

Good Records Announces Official Eighth Birthday Party Lineup

To celebrate the eighth birthday of their record store, the folks at Good Records are throwing another annual bash for themselves on Saturday, April 19. This time around you can expect: "special goodies" from a number of labels, limited edition merchandise, free food and beverage (even stuff for vegans!) and, of course, plenty of music.

In a mass email sent out to media types across the land, Chris Penn calls it "the biggest event in the history of Good Records."

And here we thought the Sara Bareilles in-store was a big deal...

Anyway, the full all-star line-up for the day-long event is after the jump--with set times for all 21 performances.

11 a.m.: The Theater Fire 11:30 a.m.: Bridges & Blinking Lights 11:30am Noon: Mom 12:30 p.m.: Matthew And The Arrogant Sea 1 p.m.: Doug Burr 1:30 p.m.: Sarah Jaffe 2 p.m.: Fishboy 2:30 p.m.: Mount Righteous 3 p.m.: John Congleton 3:30 p.m.: Astronautalis 4 p.m.: The Baptist Generals 5 p.m.: LIONS 6 p.m.: Robert Gomez 6:30 p.m.: Red Monroe 7:30 p.m.: Fight Bite 8 p.m.: Frogboy 8:30 p.m.: The Great Tyrant 9 p.m.: Jetscreamer 10 p.m.: Record Hop 11 p.m.: Colourmusic Midnight: The Black Angels

Probably the best all-local lineup we've seen all year. Way to be, Good Records. Way to be. -- Pete Freedman

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