Gore Gore Girls

Amy Surdu of the Gore Gore Girls knows how to work a whammy bar.

The Pipettes made critical hearts swoon last year by reviving the '60s-girl-group aesthetic. But the Gore Gore Girls have been working that angle for nigh on a decade now, only liberally slathered with heavy doses of Dee-troit pound 'n' sludge instead of Spectorian shimmer. This summer's Bloodshot Records release, Get the Gore, was the band's first full-length in five years, and garage rock mouths were watering in anticipation of another unsubtle confection of soul-punk bonbons both sweet and sleazy, in the high Gore Gore style. But it's in the group's legendary, bacchanalian live show that one finds the heart of the Gore Gore Girls experience. Stand back—in the paws of these kittens, guitars turn into whips.

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