Great High Mountain Tour

A phenomenon accompanies bluegrass. In the rural American melodies, there exists the relative topics of sorrow, hopefulness, despair and love that appeal to enthusiasts of other genres. The music of O Brother, Where Art Thou? and Cold Mountain have a country twang, sure, but they're also edgy, gritty and daring, despite the fact that some songs were written in the early 20th century. T-Bone Burnett and musician/filmmaker Bob Neuwirth direct a musical revue devoted to the sounds of the two movies, creating a one-night homage to the rough-and-tumble genre. Alison Krauss + Union Station, Ralph Stanley, the Nashville Bluegrass Band and Ollabelle (among many others) perform the Grammy Award-winning songs from the soundtracks ("Man of Constant Sorrow," "Keep on the Sunny Side," "You Will Be My Ain True Love" and others), and Burnett earns even more kudos for bringing the distinctive sounds of our early country to the ears, and now eyes, of modern audiences.


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