Grimes: human or robot?
Grimes: human or robot?

Grimes' Cyborg Visions

On "Circumambient," a track from 23-year-old Claire Boucher's latest album, Visions, she sings, "Oh baby I can't say/ That everything is OK/ Cause I have problems/ And I don't know how to solve them." The Montreal musician's third full-length and first for 4AD navigates body and mind in order to solve those problems, a digital approximation of Nietzsche's axiom: "If you look long enough into the void, the void begins to look back through you."

Boucher, who performs as Grimes, made a pretty deep cut with Visions. She sits at the other end of the dance floor from Robyn, her layered electro jams and pitch-shifted vocals transcending a bedroom-made feeling of loneliness for maximum club appeal.

"I love dancing," she says on a tour stop in California. "It makes me feel human."



Grimes performs Thursday, March 1,at Dan's Silverleaf in Denton. Born Gold and Peopleodian open. Or catch her at 4 p.m. Thursday, March 1, at Good Good Records.

Feeling human is sort of the crux of the album, and while you don't have to listen too closely to enjoy her digitized R&B, she comments in her own way on the "post-Internet" feel of her songs. I asked her a bit about that mind-body connection.

From the cover to the subject matter, there seems to be a feeling of claustrophobia on the album, which of course could come from the fact that you recorded at home.

Most of the art I make is kind of depressing. It was all made in the same period of time. I didn't really leave the room when I was making it, for about three weeks. So I guess there's a desperation that's audible, if that kind of sentiment can be audible.

Were you in existential crisis?

Well, yes, but that's all the time.

There seems to be a bodily fixation — "Skin," "Be a Body," the title of the album.

I wanted to make an album about physicality that was still digital. Does that make sense? Sorry, I just woke up and I'm probably not articulating myself very well.

Well, I was actually talking to someone about this recently: How iPods and iPhones and that kind of technology is getting smaller and smaller, and eventually there'll just be a contact lens ...

They've invented that! You can look online and check it out. It exists. But it costs like $30,000,00 and no one has one. It probably belongs to a university or a lab.

I believe it. The conversation was more about how eventually we won't need the machines because we'll be the machines.

I think we are. I basically consider myself a cyborg.

How so?

I rely heavily on the Internet for all my social interactions, and touring and getting around. If we didn't have an iPhone we'd be fucked. I think my whole generation is the same way.

So you're very comfortable making music strictly via electronics.

Oh, yeah. Without it, I wouldn't make music. I'm completely reliant on software and synthesizers. I don't play an instrument. Maybe I could sing in a choir, but that's it.

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