Gustafer Yellowgold

In the world of children's cartoons, sensory overload seems to be the best way to keep the attention of little ones — at least according to the majority of programs aimed at this demographic. Morgan Taylor, the creator of Gustafer Yellowgold, tends to disagree.

But Gustafer's character — a sun-dwelling cartoon creature stuck on earth whose outdoor adventures are accompanied by Taylor's quirky, AM radio-reminiscent pop songs — wasn't a response to his visually exhausting peers. It was something that came somewhat naturally to him, actually — a marriage of his loves of music and animation.

"It was the most honest thing I'd ever done," says Taylor, who'd performed in other bands before focusing on Gustafer full-time. "I've always been a cartoonist, and I've always been a musician. I'd just never thought to combine them."


Gustafer Yellowgold

The results are kind of amazing; his cartoon has the uncanny ability to please kids without getting on parents' nerves. Really: His music is actually enjoyable, even upon multiple listens. Each song is an earworm worth humming even when not in the company of your offspring.

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"There's more to kids' music than just having the parents be able to tolerate it," Taylor says. "Somehow I found this niche where the parents can enjoy it just as much as the kids."

Now, with his fourth Gustafer Yellowgold DVD on record store shelves, Taylor has built quite a discography for his fans to enjoy — even as a good chunk of this crowd is still too young to properly speak his or his character's name.

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