Gutterth Focuses On NX35 For Second Podcast

Gutterth Productions just put up its second podcast, this time turning its focus to the NX35 festival--perhaps you've heard of it? Along with songs from Gutterth-affiliated bands performing at the festival (New Science Projects, Sleep Whale, Record Hop, The Heartstring Stranglers, RTB2, Shiny Around The Edges, The Timeline Post, Doug Burr and The Angelus) the podcast also includes an interview with Baptist Generals founder and festival organizer Chris Flemmons, who talks about the origins of the conference conferette and divulges which of the bands playing is his favorite and also performs a new song, "Clitorpus Christi," live in the studio.

Speaking of podcasts, will we slack on our own podcast efforts once again this week? Keep reading DC9 to find out!

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