Guys, Sisters With Voices Has a New Album Out.

Guys, Sisters With Voices Has a New Album Out.

SWV. Yes, beloved '90s R&B group Sisters With Voices, perhaps best known for their single "Weak," are set to release a new full-length album, I Missed Us, April 17. They're putting some new energy behind December single "Co-Sign," and I don't mean to be punny when I say I co-sign this single, like a mother who will help you pay for an apartment you can't afford.

Sisters Lelee, Coko and Taj are picking up right where they left off (1997's Release Some Tension), with little regard for evolution that has taken place since the '90s, THANK GOD. And when I tell you Coko is eating "Co-Sign" for lunch and spitting it out all over current R&B singers, I mean it. She sounds like she is singing for her life, and lucky us, we get to bear witness. (Well, at least on record. Looks like they're hitting Houston next month, BUT NOT DALLAS.)

In other sisters with voices news, Beyoncé got a new Tumblr.

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