Hagfish, Bobgoblin, The Numbers Twist

Bobgoblin and Hagfish spent the end of the 20th century taking turns as the "next big thing" to come out of Dallas. Hagfish donned skinny ties and dabbled in playful, middle-finger punk. Bobgoblin executed driving guitar pop, complete with video imagery and jumpsuits. Both bands had their own recipe for catchy cocktails of expert chops and tuneful hooks, heretofore known as "chooks." Then the possibility of widespread commercial success dwindled as they waltzed with interested major labels, only to receive the conciliatory handjobs that coincide with such summer flings. You may attend this show for its nostalgia factor. You may attend because you missed them the first time around. Or you may hold out for a Rubberbullet/UFOFU bill (though with a rare opening set by the Numbers Twist, you shouldn't).


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