Handsome Furs

Formed in 2006, the Handsome Furs have released three albums, each one a bit more seedy that the last. The recently issued Sound Kapital is by far the darkest and most depraved of the band's career. But Alexei Perry says things are going according to plan.

"It's important for artists to express themselves in the ways they most truly feel represent them — even if it decreases their commercial [sales]," says the keyboardist from a tour stop in Europe. "Much as I treat making music like a very satisfying job, I also feel very earnestly that it's important not to censor myself."

A quick glance at Kapital's cover art will dismiss any notion of the band censoring itself. Featuring a completely nude woman dancing on top of a bar, the music inside is just a tad less confrontational. Listening to such fast-paced, stimulating dance cuts as "What About Us" and "Repatriated," it's difficult to believe this gal is worried about sales figures at all.


Handsome Furs

Granted, she has reason not to be. Dan Boeckner, her bandmate and husband, is half of the songwriting team behind Wolf Parade, which lessens the pressure on Handsome Furs — even if Perry denies that the duo is just a Wolf Parade side project.

"I love working with Dan because I respect his ideas," she says. "I feel challenged by his heart and brain, and couldn't imagine a more driven and interesting person to spar creatively with. We share the same amount of gusto and love for what we do, and I feel lucky daily."


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