Har Mar Superstar

When it comes to lives shows, it's hard to beat Sean Tillman. Why? Does he have dynamic singing skills and dance moves? Uh, no, not really—but he tries. And it's the effort he puts into making his stage persona, Har Mar Superstar, real that makes it great.

Surely, somewhere deep down inside, he has to realize that he's just a guy who looks like Ron Jeremy and tries too hard. But that denial, actually, is what makes his live shows work. Tillman turns his lack of good looks on its ear and tries to convince you he's the world's best lover, as well as the best performer that has ever graced the stage.

If his performance alone isn't enough to get you going, though, his electronica-meets-new jack swing sound surely is. Songs like "Cut Me Up," "You Can Feel Me" and "Power Lunch" showcase his faux bravado capably and show that, even though his persona is all shtick, his music isn't.


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