HBO's Boardwalk Empire Gets A Lift From Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' "Devil's Basement." Also? MTV Still Likes The O's.

Lest there still remained any doubt about the cool factor backing up Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights and, specifically, it's icy-cool, blues jam freak-out "Devil's Basement," some pretty solid arbiters of cool--among them HBO, Martin Scorsese and, uh, Al Capone--have given the band and song a fairly impressive stamp of approval, placing it in the above promo for the pretty-darn-amazing-looking upcoming series Boardwalk Empire . Give the clip a watch--and keep your ears perked up until the 1:15 mark in it, when "Devil's Basement" kicks in. Killer stuff. Literally! (Ba-dum- ching !)

In other news, The O's remain MTV's go-to band when scoring the pensive, small-town backdrop for rural teens with problems: After having already been placed on the once-music-focused channel's 16 and Pregnant show last year, the band popped up last night on an episode of the show If You Really Knew Me , with the opening banjo picks of "Finding It Hard" coming in just in time to remind the audience that life is, like, really hard in West Virginia, y'all.

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