He Got the Boot...

In the May 29 edition of Scene, Heard, we related a story we'd heard a few days earlier involving Josh T. Pearson and Andy Young of Lift to Experience and a well-worn boot. We'll let Young provide you with a recap:

"This is it folks. Your chance to own a piece of rock-and-roll history. (Or not depending on how you see it). This is the boot I received from Josh T. Pearson through the post to inform me that after five years of making music together he was kicking me out of Lift to Experience. This boot is one of a pair that were actually worn by Josh while writing The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads. The boot comes complete with the Justin boot box it was mailed to me in, along with the note from Josh that reads, 'I'M CUTTING YOU OFF. YOUR [sic] OUT OF MY LIFE. I'M GIVING THE BOY THE BOOT!' Crazy? Egotistical? You can be the judge when you add this piece of the promised land right next to your Lift CD. Smell the glove? F$$k that! Smell the boot!"

The above was the description Young provided when he sold the aforementioned boot on eBay, in an auction that closed June 10. The sale provided the drummer at least a little compensation for his expulsion from Lift to Experience. Specifically, $210.36, the winning bid placed by someone with the user name paradigmshiftbeats. We tried to get in touch with Mr. or Ms. paradigmshiftbeats to ask about the motivation behind the purchase, but at press time we'd received no response.

And just to soothe the itchy e-mail finger of Simon Raymonde, who runs Lift to Experience's label, Bella Union, the fact that Pearson literally gave Young the boot doesn't necessarily mean that the band is breaking up. Neither does the fact that Pearson has been playing by himself more than with a band lately. We're just putting the information out there so you can draw your own conclusions. But, really, come on.

If you pick up the paper early enough, you can have a chance to catch Sorta's last show--June 11 at Barley House--before the band heads into the studio to record its new full-length follow-up to last year's Laugh Out Loud. If not, well, you'll just have to wait a month until the boys emerge from Last Beat Studios sweaty and disheveled with what we'd expect to be a pretty dang good record in hand. The band has two sets lined up for the occasion: The first (at 10:30 p.m.) will consist mainly of the new songs that will appear on the forthcoming album; the second (at midnight) is the tribute to Bob Dylan the group performed a few Saturday afternoons at Club Dada not long ago. Sounds like a winner either way...

Hand stamps: Muddy Waters hosts an exhibit of Amy Lubinski's concert photography on June 14 with a kick-off concert by Slick 57, I Love Math, Sparrows and the Real Heroes (everything starts around 7 p.m.); Riverboat Gamblers play with the Dragons, Marked Men and Dick Tokyo on June 13 at Gypsy Tea Room; Budapest One and Heaven is a Hotel perform June 12 at Club Clearview, followed the next night by the Adventures of Jet's CD-release shindig for their fantastic Muscle, a par-tay that also includes Southpaw Preachers and Moxie; South FM holds its own record-release get-together for its new version of Drama Kids at Curtain Club on June 13, with Hardis and Tripp Fontaine; Dot Matrix and Mad Mexicans are at Galaxy Club on June 13; Faceless Werewolves open for the Apes on June 12 at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, followed by Raised by Tigers the next night and an Explosions in the Sky/Lazarus/Josh T. Pearson triple bill on June 14. See how we brought all this full circle?

One last plug, and it is for ourselves: We'll be spinning records (or, to be technical, pushing pause and play on a couple of CD players) from 10 p.m. until 'round midnight on June 12 at City Tavern. We gave it a test run last Thursday, and we had a swell time doing it--except for the guy who asked us every half-hour if it was time for karaoke. (At least he seemed appreciative that we did not give him the finger, despite our general policy regarding that sort of thing.) In case you've forgotten, or never really knew, City Tavern is the relatively new downtown bar brought to you by Scott Cecil, Joe Tillotson and Richard Winfield, the folks behind other fine establishments such as Barley House and Metropolitan. It's a comfortable and classy place to hang out and knock back a few whether or not some pompous jackass is showing off his record collection and rudimentary motor skills while you do it.


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