Hilary Duff, Simple Plan and Black Eyed Peas

There are four reasons it's safe to tell people you're going to KISS FM's Jingle Ball at Next Stage on Wednesday night: 1) All your friends are going, and you've all decided to wear the same red-and-green-striped leg warmers. 2) You're pumped to see Hilary Duff in the flesh, since you went all the way to stupid Italy with your parents after The Lizzie McGuire Movie and only saw lots of carbs and old guys with black socks pulled up to their knees. 3) You succeeded in locating the love and would like to hand-deliver it to the Black Eyed Peas. 4) You're curious if Simple Plan has more than two songs, and if they can play either of them without an MTV reality show happening afterward. But talk all you want about good intentions--there's exactly one justification for the drive out to Grand Prairie: the chance to see special guest hosts Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey not fighting over laundry, not wrangling home appliances, not building a tent, not entertaining a retirement home and not regretting a quick, cheap meal at Baja Fresh. What will they do? Exactly.


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