Holly Golightly, Tom Heinl

Ten years after leaving Thee Headcoatees behind for her first solo album, British garage-rock queen Holly Golightly seduces Dallas with songs that stretch beyond her roots in three-chord rock. Why, she's a critic's Wal-Mart, with country, jazz, a bit of folk and some acoustic blues numbers that stick your heart beneath Golightly's pointy boot. In her lo-fi--but never low energy--show, Golightly lands somewhere between a rocker and a chanteuse, leaving listeners emotionally spent but still lustful. Opener Tom Heinl takes country to strange places with a trusty karaoke machine and lyrics that we and our drunk, redneck dads can appreciate. Trailers, Pintos and pissing into longnecks never received so much respect; at least, not in this decade.


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