How This Wasn't Called 'The Polyphonic Wee,' Well, That I'll Never Know.

Over on Unfair Park at the moment,
Wilonsky's got the low-down on the latest project from Tim DeLaughter and Julie Doyle, a children's musical and visual affair called Wee See--a development which certainly must come as a shock to anyone familiar with the Polyphonic Spree's dark, NC-17 musical stylings.

Says DeLaughter of the project: "It's been amazing to see people's reactions to it. Adults are as engaged as any baby we've shown it to. It's clearly something that will appeal to a much broader audience than we originally anticipated. It's an incredibly inviting experience that will play as well in a museum or a party as it will in a living room."

Can't argue there--it's definitely an eye-catching visual (nice work, visual artist and co-creator Rolyn Barthelman) to go with DeLaughter's soothing blips and bleeps. I could watch this stuff forever, I think. And I'm not even on drugs (at the moment)!

Anyway, buried in the pres release that announces this project, a nugget on the upcoming Spree disc, which is currently being written, courtesy of Doyle: "We've probably written a lot of the new album just by 'living'--now we've gotta figure out the best way to translate it in a musical fashion."

And, after the jump, another Wee See visual translated in a musical fashion, for your viewing pleasure.


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