Husky Rescue

Hailing from Finland, Husky Rescue is a deliciously arty collision of folk and electronica that is masterminded by Marko Nyberg. Country Falls, the nifty debut, was recorded by Nyberg with the help of 20 musicians and singers and finally saw stateside release in 2005. Songs such as "Sweet Little Kitten" and "New Light of Tomorrow" distinguish Husky Rescue as purveyors of a strangely brilliant take on alt-country. Slow tempos, atmospheric shadings and breathy singing (by Reeta-Leena Korhola) combine for a wonderfully organic effect: music for an acid rodeo. Reflective of the art and climate of his native country, Nyberg writes songs that conjure up images of frosty plains and contemplative, lonely nights. When the mood lightens up, as on the playful "Summertime Cowboy," Nyberg and his Finnish cohorts spin away from the Goldfrapp comparisons and into a singular world all their own.


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