I can see Clearview now

I can see Clearview now

Occasionally, when we pat someone on the back, we hit a little harder (and maybe closer to home) than we intend. For example, when we gave Uzigato drummer Joey Salerno credit for the improving slate of touring acts stopping by Club Clearview (the recent Murder City Devils gig, for instance), our hand hit the wrong back, apparently. We should have aimed for Dale Brock instead, according to, well, Dale Brock. "I am the exclusive talent buyer for Club Clearview and have been for four years," Brock says, via a recent e-mail. "Joey and [Clearview bartender] Keith Underwood are working as independent promoters and have brought the Bottom, Royal Trux [since cancelled], and Jucifer shows to Clearview. I booked the Murder City Devils show."

Not that that's straight, you can see the work of Clearview's new "independent promoters" on July 28, when Jucifer appears at the club, along with Uzigato. Incidentally, Clearview has now expanded its workweek, adding Wednesday nights to the lineup. Filling out the night for now is a new music night in Clearview (a chance for new bands to score the all-important weekend gig) and Rockstar Karaoke in Red. (You call it an adjacent bar area, I call it the corner--let's call the whole thing off.) Bowling For Soup hosts on July 26. As Brock says, "We bought our very own karaoke machine and lots of wacky music, and we'll have a different Rockstar Karaoke host every Wednesday." Uh, great.

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