If You're Awake And Free Tomorrow At 7:15 In The Morning...

....then you might want to head over to Kidd Kraddick's studios in Irving. Here's why: Kraddick, host of the nationally syndicated radio show Kidd Kraddick in the Morning (heard locally on 106.1 KISS-FM), thinks he's found a gem in a a young unsigned artist he found named Freddy Wexler. Kraddick came across Freddy's music during a "Music That Makes You Cooler" segment in his show, and he thought enough of the guy to invite him down to perform in his Dallas studios. Now people are all excited the Kraddick might be able to get his new friend a record deal. You can read the full story here. Or you can just watch this video, which pretty much sums it up, too:

There's more: Yamaha's given Freddy a free piano, a film director is chronicling his trip to Dallas and some moving company has loaned him a truck for his travels for free. All because of Kraddick.



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