Iggy and the Stooges

It's a summer evening in Detroit in 2003. Iggy Pop stands in the spotlight of the DTE Theatre, only one of thousands that the original rock-and-roll animal has bathed and bled in over the course of his career. A singular sinewy wrecking ball who's seen it all and done even more, Pop and his freshly reformed Stooges are conquering heroes, playing to hometown fans for the first time in almost three decades. Despite the loving reception, there's a palpable tension as well. This is not 1969; there's no broken glass, no peanut butter improvisation and no bloodthirsty bikers. What can Iggy possibly conjure up at this point? Along with original members Ron and Scott Asheton and Stooge-by-entitlement Mike Watt, Pop twists through numbers ("I Wanna Be Your Dog," "TV Eye") from the group's first two records with pleasing ferocity, but it isn't until an epic stab at "No Fun" that things come into focus. Iggy opts for some interaction and invites the entire audience onstage. It's brilliant and but one reason that Iggy and the Stooges is not a reunion. It's a recoronation. The DVD is complete with raw handheld video, pristine DTS surround sound and supplemental minutia.


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