In Case, For Some Reason, You Felt As If Our Coverage Of Alan Palomo Was Lacking...

... then allow us to point you in the direction of this new Tumblr account we just found: Fuck Yeah, Alan Palomo.

Yes, it's real. And no, we had nothing to do with it.

But, hey, it's a pretty awesome site if you want to see photos of the Neon Indian frontman in front of cool wallpaper or with his hair blowing in the wind or looking uncomfortable in front of fans or rocking his new haircut or shopping at Target or dancing awkwardly in a blazer or collaborating with Wayne Coyne or wearing kooky sunglasses. Or, really, in any situation imaginable.

Is it creepy? Maybe. But, if nothing else, it helps pass the time. Consider it filler until the folks over at Stage Dumps get active with the posting once more. Or ThA JuGGaLiZer, for that matter...

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