Jagermeister Music Tour/ EdgeFest 2005

Luckily for Dallas, the traveling road show of mediocrity known as the Jägermeister Music Tour--currently featuring post-Creed modern rockers Alter Bridge--has this year been folded into KDGE's annual alt-rock celebration. How else could one metropolitan area have handled so much rock on one night? So if you're good and consume your bloated, self-righteous would-be anthems with a smile, you also get to hear Sum 41's dark, thickening pop-punk; Jimmy Eat World's crisp, muscular emo-rock; Chevelle's grim emo-grind; Papa Roach's surprisingly emotional hard rock; Breaking Benjamin's Billy Corgan-assisted nü-metal; Crossfade's satisfyingly MOR radio rock; and lesser lights like the Exies and Skindred. Oh, and Billy Idol, who'll probably show up for the Jäger.


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