Jeez, not this again

Jeez, not this again

Everyone who's finally ready to open a bar that's been repeatedly delayed by just about every government entity imaginable take one step forward. Not so fast, Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios. That's right, Rubber Gloves' long-rumored bar, tentatively scheduled to open in July, has been kicked in the shins yet again by The Man, this time in the form of the fine folks over at the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

Here's why: Apparently, TABC regulations require Rubber Gloves to post a sign two months before it opens informing any and all that its plans to start selling alcoholic beverages. Club owner Josh Baish was informed of the sign in January--plenty of time, you say, to take care of it. Trouble is, the company filing Rubber Gloves' application for a liquor license told Baish that such a sign was not necessary. If you guessed that the sign was, in fact, a requirement, put a gold star on your chart. For anyone heading to Rubber Gloves, it means at least another two months of bring-yer-own shows.

"What sucks about it is that we have to get a sign, and we have to get it from the TABC, and they're only open Tuesdays and half of Wednesdays," Rubber Gloves' Robin Phillips says. "Trust me, no one is as sad about it as we are." Anyone who would like to participate in our Rubber Gloves bar-opening pool--squares for January and February of next year, at $5 a shot, are already taken--send an e-mail to

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