Jeff Beck

If it seems like you've seen a lot of Jeff Beck the last few years, that's because you have. After decades of lengthy periods away from music, broken up by sporadic releases or tours, Beck seems to have finally come to enjoy being back in the spotlight. It's curious, too, because when he's active, he guests on albums by artists like Kate Bush and Roger Waters, and Beck's solo albums almost always garner critical acclaim and Grammy nominations—then nothing for a few years.

Beck is now back on the road to support his newest project, Rock and Roll Party, a tribute to his hero and rock god Les Paul. Recorded live at The Iridium Jazz Club in New York City, where Les Paul had a weekly residence until his death at age 94, Rock and Roll Party sees Beck joined by an all-star cast featuring Brian Setzer, Trombone Shorty and Gary U.S. Bonds to tear through a set full of 1950s rockabilly classics and Paul favorites. For this tour, Beck is joined by The Imelda May Band, who also provided the musical foundation for the Rock and Roll Party album.

Regardless of your views of the limited source material, Beck's legendary status is more than enough reason to attend his performance.


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