Jibe, Space Cadet and Dana's Fast

Buzz-Oven's Aden Holt is doing it for the kids. And we love him for that. His Buzz-Oven project, introducing high-schoolers to local music through free CDs and all-ages shows, is an ingenious marriage of art and commerce. Coca-Cola pays for ad space; kids get turned on to Dallas talent. Past Buzz-Oven volumes have spread the musical love of The Deathray Davies, Eisley, Red Animal War and Bowling for Soup, among others. And even though we're not the biggest fans of Volume 10 bands Jibe and Space Cadet (we're listening to Jibe's Uprising as we write this, and we keep unconsciously reaching for the radio dial), plenty of people are. Jibe swept the KEGL Local Show Awards this year, and it's many people's Creed that they'll be the music scene's next big thing. (If so, we want our Nickelback.) But, hey, Buzz-Oven isn't for snot-nosed bastards like us. They're doin' it for the kids. Someone's got to.


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