Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick

Much to-do has been made of late over the fact that Journey found its current lead singer after seeing his spot-on covers of legendary Journey crooner Steve Perry on YouTube. And, yes, while that's all fine and good—Arnel Pineda does sound a lot like Perry—it should be noted that the new "kid" is actually 40 years old. If anything, that's fitting; Journey, perhaps more than any other nostalgic act littering the summer's touring schedules, is as timeless as it gets.

Take, for instance, the still-ubiquitous track "Don't Stop Believin'," which has had an insane return to pop cultural relevance in recent years. The first time it popped up came during an episode of Laguna Beach in 2005 when Stephen and LC totally and adorably sang along to it on a romantic drive through the OC. And just last summer, it was used in the final scene of the finale for The Sopranos. Not surprisingly, after each of these episodes aired, the track found itself popping up on iTunes' top 10 most-downloaded song charts.

This year has been more of the same for the song: At South by Southwest, synth-pop duo Chromeo made heads turn when it performed "Don't Stop Believin'" in its encores; and during his massive Glow in the Dark tour, Kanye West played the song over his PA system during his set.


Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick

Sunday, July 27, at Center

All this a whopping 27 years after its initial release, which will more than account for the fact that the attendance at this show will truly be as close to an all-ages one as you'll ever see.

Hoping to latch on to Journey's return-to-relevancy wave are Heart and Cheap Trick, two enjoyable major '80s acts with plenty of hits of their own. Unfortunately for them, though, even when combining the two acts' impressive catalogs, there ain't a "Don't Stop Believin'"-like juggernaut in the bunch (apologies to "Barracuda" and "I Want You to Want Me").


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