Justin Bieber, Sean Kingston

Three years after posting a few YouTube videos, 16-year-old Justin Bieber is embarking on a world tour—and he's headlining the damn thing too. And let's be fair: Having a world tour by age 16 is pretty impressive. But Bieber, who has dominated Top 40 stations as well as empty doodling margins on tween girls' notepads with hits like his infectious, Ludacris-supported "Baby," hasn't just banked on a cute and extremely youthful appearance. His talent impressed Usher enough to get the R&B star to go to bat for him and get him signed to Island Records in 2008. And since, more star power has signed on with the teeny-bopper: He's collaborated with Usher, Sean Kingston, and this year's Karate Kid, Jaden Smith.

Kingston, another child star who dropped the 2007 hit single "Beautiful Girls" when he was only 16, joins Bieber on this tour. Expect their collaboration, "Eenie Meenie," to make an appearance in the set list as the two singers encourage area girls to stay up way too late on a weeknight for their show.


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