Kevin Fowler

Amarillo native Kevin Fowler may look like a generic country bumpkin, and sometimes his music is just a brain cell above hayseed, but looks do indeed prove slightly deceiving in his case. Fowler's recent Loose, Loud & Crazy revels in just about every conceivable redneck cliché; half the songs are about drinking, a third are about women and I honestly don't know what the hell is going on in "Don't Touch My Willie." Fowler's delivery, however, is just plain nasty; a gritty Texas drawl that would make Willie and Waylon proud. Tunes such as "Half" and "A Matter of When" never betray their Texas roots for Nashville gloss. If Fowler can reign in his more hackneyed tendencies, he could well prove to be the roots catalyst contemporary country is begging for.

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