Kurt Vile & The Violators, Purling Hiss, True Widow

Kurt Vile is a sensational guitarist who spends considerable recording time crafting songs and sounds seemingly designed to obscure that fact.

The Philadelphia native has concocted a wildly diverse song book with four album releases during the past three years, all of which demonstrate prodigious skill and a musical palette that is as comfortable referencing My Bloody Valentine, Doc Watson or the Velvets as it is boasting a classic-rock influence. And there's plenty else at play, too: His songs are so saturated in reverb and are layered so densely that they sound as if they were broadcast decades ago from a radio station located at the bottom of the ocean. That or they're scorching finger-picked affairs that sound like a Nebraska-era Springsteen jamming with Leo Kottke. With his band The Violators, though, Vile tends to skew more toward psychedelic guitar jams, with the occasional six- or twelve-string solo acoustic song thrown in.

This marks Vile's second Dallas appearance, and hopefully it'll turn out better than the last. Last Halloween, his show was forced to compete with parties and major free concerts hosted by the Palladium and Granada, and lost badly—with the added insult of Vile's jacket being stolen. Unfortunately, this show has seen its own problems already: Originally slated to be the first show at the soon-to-be-reopened Club Dada, this show will now take place at City Tavern due to Dada opening delays.


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