La Femme Qui Rock, with The Happy Bullets, Knife in the Water, more

For Spune Productions' second woman-focused showcase, local music kingpin Lance Yocom has extended his space-rock arms not only outside his favorite genre but also his favorite city. Three stand-out Austin bands lead the way in this must-see concert, starting early in the evening with the incredibly surreal One Umbrella, an avant-garde instrumental duo that'll leave you either scratching your head or picking your jaw up from the floor. Later, Belaire will pop-rock the dickens out of La Femme with a sunny, fresh take on nouveau new wave, and the sultry, organ-driven twang-noir of Knife in the Water round out the Austin influence on the night. Thankfully, Spune's not one to slack on locals, which means The Happy Bullets, Jetscreamer, Super Love Attack and The Shapes will all do Dallas/Denton women proud, as will DJ Wild In The Streets between bands. Make sure to arrive by 6 p.m. for the lengthy showcase.


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