Labor of Love Tour

Looking for a solid rap show in Dallas? Good luck finding more than one per week. Saturday's diverse showcase at the Gypsy is the only big-time MC show for the next few days, but don't be fooled by the lack of competition. Proven Detroit rhymester Baatin (ex-Slum Village) heads the bill with years of verbal fortitude, and the locals are just as compelling. PPT lands on the card with the piping-hot momentum of Tres Monos in Love, an intoxicating debut full of early '80s lovesick funk, witty rhymes and strange MySpace meditations. It's the best local hip-hop record you haven't heard yet; until the trio finds proper distribution, this show's your hookup on the PPT beat. Also performing is Dallas' Verbal Seed, whose blend of Southern influences and roots-y beats-and-rhymes philosophy is a refreshing force in our city's diverse hip-hop scene.


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