Listen: Doug Burr -- "Mirror Ball"
Brandon Lesley

Listen: Doug Burr -- "Mirror Ball"

Kinda been an all-over-the-map day here at DC9. Not sure exactly what we're supposed to make of it, either.

All this D-Town Boogie and mall punk news? Plus high schoolers and Willie Nelson? Hey, I guess we had some sort of hand in making this bed. Might as well lie in it.

Fortunately, after the jump, there's a palate cleanser of sorts: Spune Productions has put together a music player for Doug Burr, and on it, a new, unreleased track from the favorite area singer-songsmith called "Mirror Ball." We can't say for sure if this is one of the song's we'll be hearing on Burr's upcoming March release for Spune--but it'd be kind of crazy if it weren't, no? It's classic Burr: A pensive, deliberately paced effort, it goes right for the heartstrings, focusing, per usual, on Burr's uncertainty of his place in life.


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