Little Black Dresses' Nolan Thies Joins THe BAcksliders As Bassist Bolts To Go Solo

R. Jason Bonner's out of THe BAcksliders.
R. Jason Bonner's out of THe BAcksliders.

I was catching up with Chris Bonner of the nominated-Best-Hard-Rock-DOMA THe BAcksliders yesterday when the guitarist, rather off-handedly, informed me that the band was changing bassists.

"My brother Jason is going off to do the solo thing," Chris said. "And, sometimes, working with a family member isn't the easiest thing to do."

Stepping is to replace Jason will be Nolan Theis, formerly of Deep Blue Something and Five Times August and currently of Menkena and Little Black Dress. This will be Theis' second stint with THe BAcksliders.

"I don't know if this change is permanent," Bonner said.

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Either way, though, it will be Theis handling bass duties when the band plays as part of the DOMA Showcase this Saturday at The Bone, and then again at Tuesday's awards ceremony at the Granada.

As for the direction of Jason's solo career, stay tuned.

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